The Strokes sixth album has arrived. “The New Abnormal” is the first since 2013’s “The Comedown Machine.” The new album features nine tracks including the previously released singles “Bad Decisions,” “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” and “At the Door.”


Appearing from their respective homes, The Strokes discussed each track from the album – minus the previously released singles – while also chatting about having to cancel shows due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The New York City band that first formed in 1998 is best known for several songs over the years including “Last Nite,” “Juicebox” and “Reptilia.” It was produced by the famed Rick Rubin and the cover art is “Bird on Money” by the late neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.


The Zoom-hosted project was launched earlier this week. The NYC group described the show as a “private radio show thing” set up in anticipation of their sixth record.

Julian Casablancas and co. have now posted the second instalment to coincide with the release of their new LP, which arrived today.