Many of Taylor Swift ‘s close friends have received this heartwarming cardigans gift from her: Martha Hunt, Kesha, Adam Lambert, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson …


Since its debut, many viewers have rated “cardigan” as one of the most impressive lead-single singles that Taylor Swift has ever released. Impressive indie folk music, virtuoso piano fingers and MV using impressive techniques directed by Taylor Swift – all of which helped the “cardigan” are expected to debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 next week, may even rise to the highest position.

In response to the content of the song – “cardigan” – Taylor Swift also “enlisted” to sell the special cardigan shirt model she used in this MV. Taylor Swift’s cardigan has a simple black and white border, just looking at it makes her feel warm, ensuring that many viewers around the world are flocking to “hunt” this cardigan to get “cheap moment” (a slang word for a moment when sharing an item with an idol) with Taylor Swift!

After the release of the “cardigan” MV, Taylor Swift also presented the cardigan to her Hollywood buddy. It can be seen that the Covid-19 season is raging in the United States that made Taylor Swift unable to perform promotion stages for the song “cardigan” or the album “folklore” has just launched, so the singer has thought of a way. So cute, this is so effective. Part for advertising light but a more important part is to send close friends emotional gift.


Many Hollywood stars were happy to share Taylor Swift’s gift on their personal accounts. Chances are this will be a “hot” item this season!


Not stopping there, every cardigan that Taylor Swift sent gave hidden a meaningful story behind: all are not using sheep wool but entirely using plant materials.


Specifically, on its official website, the world-renowned animal protection organization PETA introduced the cardigan that Taylor Swift used this time: