Summers are coming and for female artists, it is time to change hairstyle and let bangs rock away this heat!


Taylor Swift is one of the quickest celebrities who has transformed her usual look into something more chic and stylish with a short and thick brown bang. Couldn’t agree more that she really rocks this look!


Every hairstyle will look a lot more fashionable if it goes with a bang. Sure it is! Look how youthful and trendy Selena Gomez became with her new appearance. 


Kendall Jenner looks perfect every time but with this bun hairstyle and such an adorable bang, she truly outstanding. When she appeared at the 2019 NBCUniversal Upfronts in New York city on May 13, it totally left people shocked with her completely different hair. 

Long hair could be all about feminism and charming sides but hair with bangs are most suitable for those who are into the adorable, modern and youthful look. That is a fact that no one could deny!

There are lots of other female celebrities who rapidly catch this trend and ready push the F5 button for summer. 

Model Gigi Hadid is also inspired by Brigitte Bardot, legendary French actress and model and changes completely into a goddess with a high bouffant and wispy front bags that cover her forehead. 

Meanwhile her sister, Bella Hadid arrived at the Michael Kors Spring Campaign Launch at NYFW that same year with a super high ponytail, along with a bang covering her forehead. 

It is believed that when you want to make a fresh version of yourself, let’s start with hairstyle. Hair is something that can totally turn you into a different person and even better, a more trendy one. Summer is just about to come, why don’t you try this bang and ready to let