Fans have just used an editing program to turn female artists into male just for fun. However, the result came out is just incredible that fans keep on sharing those photos. Let’s take a look!

Taylor Swift

Look what the switch-gender button made Taylor Swift do! Taylor often gets praised for her dreamy look, especially with blonde hair. Whether she is a messy-hair guy or curly-short hair, Taylor looks totally fine and bomb!


Taylor Swift is a famous artist for her musical talent and look, and also her successful changing from “dreaming” country princess to “badass” and strong female artist. Some of her worldwide famous songs are: Look what you make me do, Bad Bloods, Styles, Me (featuring Brendon Urie from Panic! at the disco)

Gigi Hadid

Zayn’s hot girlfriend – Gigi Hadid proves that she is a true beauty herself, even when she’s man or woman. Her deep dreaming eyes are more mesmerizing when she’s a man. Gigi’s whole look could switch from girlfriend-material to bad rich-boy but to sum up, she’s incredible.


Gigi and her boyfriend – Zayn Malik just announced that they have become parents together and excitedly waiting for their first child.

Bella Hadid

The Hadid family may have some greatest genes of all time when the Hadid sister could look this fire even when they are sisters or, brothers! The male version of Bella Hadid is hotter even with freckles on “her” face.


Selena Gomez

Receiving praised with “doll” features, Selena Gomez is beautiful with her big eyes and sweet smile. Maybe that’s the reason when switching to a male artist, Sel is quite not as sweet as she is. The cute figures of the Selena seem to make the female artist become a soften male version more than a hot guy.


Selena Gomez has been known when she starred in Disney’s movie and soon become a successful singer and movie actress.

Ariana Grande

The 7 rings singer is just as sweet as she is “female” Ariana Grande. Her smile and eyes bring out a sentimental vibe that any girl could fall for. But to be honest, seems like this look may be a bit girly.


So, what do you think if one day after waking up, the whole world just automatically turns on the “gender” switch? At least we have clues about how these famous artists above look like.

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