Shakira has stunned fans with her natural makeup look as she prepared for a home-schooling session during COVID-19 lockdown.


The singer, 43, revealed her brand new look to her 66 million Instagram followers on Thursday.

She is holed up at home in Spain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but is still managing to look incredible.

The Colombian pop babe admitted she had finally found the drive to put on makeup ahead of her productive day.

Joking it was a victory, she wrote: “Mustered up the strength to put on some makeup for my day job of homeschool teacher #smallvictories.”

Shakira showed off her flawless skin and rosy cheeks, as well as her natural curls.

The famous pop star received thousands of comments and likes from her fans, who were enthralled by her gorgeous new look.


Shakira appeared to be getting ready for a home-schooling lesson with her kids Milan, seven, and Sasha, five, who she shares with partner Gerard Pique.

She recently asked politicians to let children go outside after she revealed Spain is struggling under the government-imposed lockdown, which has severely restricted people’s movement.

She said: “Knowing the difficult situation of parents with small children in this difficult period of quarantine, I empathise with those that don’t have an outside space or balcony so their children can breathe fresh air. If going out to walk dogs is allowed or adults can go out for shopping trips, a solution needs to be found that grants children who need sun and fresh air for their mental and physical health that same right.”

“I would urge the government to consider a policy that permits a responsible adult to take a child out for a walk, although it is subject to the restrictions decided by experts and always respecting social distancing. Children are becoming the real champions of this social drama and we should think about their wellbeing.”