So what the fans speculated was absolutely correct. Selena Gomez has contributed in the remix of ‘Past Life’ by male singer Trevor Daniel.

Back on June 20, Trevor Daniel uploaded a selfie in front of a mirror in a costume designed by Selena Gomez. The Boyfriend star shared this photo on Instagram Story again. Immediately, many fans realized the extremely suspicious ‘piece’ about the collaboration between the two artists.


Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez

Recently, Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez officially confirmed the handshake of the two in Past Life – a song from Nicotine’s first studio album that Trevor Daniel ‘released’ in March 2020.

According to what was revealed, the color of Selena Gomez’s voice in the hit with Trevor Daniel is extremely harmonious, creating emotional emotions that are extremely romantic and pleasant. The duo will surely captivate fans with a captivating and charismatic voice in this song.


Single cover of Past Life (Remix).

Before joining Selena, Trevor Daniel resonated through his debut EP Homesick, he reached No. 1 on the US Viral 50 chart thanks to the first single in EP – Falling. This hit has put Trevor Daniel in the top 40 in more than 20 countries around the world. Falling now has more than 734 million streams on Spotify and more than 113 million views on YouTube.


Meanwhile, Selena Gomez has just finished promoting for her latest single Boyfriend not long ago. 2020 marks the first album of a famous star in 5 years. The new album Rare has excelled at the top of the Billboard 200. Boyfriend pauses at No. 59 at the Hot 100. The collaboration with Trevor Daniel is expected to be a “storm” collab of Selena.