Ryan Seacrest is going to present the first remote edition of the American Idol finals for ABC this Sunday using the show’s original desk, which was there with Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell back in 2002.


In a video tweeted on Wednesday, Seacrest said he had dug the desk out from his garage and will use it to help knit together performances and judging from 25 different locations when American Idol goes live on Sunday.

The video provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Seacrest’s home set-up on Sunday, with a camera trained on the desk, which is equipped with a screen. There is also a screen behind Seacrest with the American Idol logo, as well as a neon sign with the branding.

Produced by Fremantle and Industrial Media’s 19 Entertainment, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will broadcast to audiences remotely alongside Seacrest and Bobby Bones. The top 20 contestants will be performing from their own homes for America’s vote.

If you’re wondering how the original desk looked like, here’s a full shot of it from the first season of American Idol on Fox: