She exudes an air of mystery. But Rihanna gave fans a glimpse of a night in with her on Thursday night. The 32-year-old singer posted a video of herself cooking, smoking, and flashing her bum in some tights.

Though she did quite a few activities in the short video, her main goal with the clip seemed to be to promote a new pair of sunglasses from her Fenty line. In the caption she wrote ”the Jet Blacks are for life, but this Milky Way is sumn sexy #coded @fenty.”


The caption was a reference to the white sunglasses she wore while smoking outside in the video and are a new pair released by her fashion brand on Thursday, retailing for $340. Two of the colors the sunglasses come in black and the white set she wore in the clip.

The video opened with a shot of her large kitchen and dark wood cabinets, and the Barbados born singer cutting onions and showing off ripe tomatoes. Her wrists featured thin diamond covered bracelets and matched a large diamond ring on her middle finger.

She looked glamorous in a long black coat, and with a pearl necklace on her neck. Pouring red wine into a carafe, she blew smoke out of her mouth into the kitchen while preparing her pasta dinner. After dinner she seemed to take some time outside, wearing the white Coded sunglasses, though it was dark outside and have a smoke break.


On her way in, she flashed her bum at the camera, in purple lace tights, a purple bra and an oversized jacket. Earlier in the day, she  told a fan she has ‘lost’ her new album as she continues to tease her legions of followers over the long-awaited release of R9.

While promoting the total Off Record eyewear range from Fenty, that included the Coded sunglasses, fans soon took to the comments section to demand her to drop the record. When one asked: ”WHERES THE ALBUM (sic)”, Rihanna replied: ”I lost it”, and added the shrug emoji.