Pixie Lott and her fiance Oliver Cheshire announced their engagement together back in 2016 and planned for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

However, the spreading of coronavirus pandemic has created such chaos and throughout the globe which forced them to postpone the big day.


The couple has been settling up their special day to take place this year, but the isolation rules given out have unfortunately caused such inconvenient events, including the couple’s wedding had to be postponed.


In an interview hosted not so long ago, the 29-year-old singer shared: “Obviously it’s put on a bit of a [halt]. We’re still planning but there’s not much we can do until we know the rules for sure. It’s still uncertain.”

“I don’t really want do all this planning and take all this time to have a wedding where we’re going to social distance, or have a limited amount of people and compromise. ‘We just have to wait and see, after the uncertainty stops, and then we can go for it.”


According to the lockdown rules have been announced officially at the beginning of the month, weddings could only be allowed to hold if the guests do not take up to 30 people.

That was not a generous number at all, in speaking of both of them have big families and friends. Not to mention the 13 bridesmaids and five flower girls she would want to include.

Pixie Lott explained: “I know that the rules have come out that you’re allowed to have a wedding for 30 people, but that’s not going to work with how many people we’ve got, it’s too high. So we have to wait. ‘It’s because we’ve got quite big families and already the bridal party is quite big. We couldn’t really squeeze it down to 30, because I’ve got 13 bridesmaids and five flower girls.”