“The war” between the two fandoms broke out immediately after the seemingly innocuous answer of male singer Niall Horan that he had not listened to BTS‘s song.


Recently, on Twitter, there suddenly emerged a war between two fandoms BTS and Niall Horan (former member of the group One Direction). And this war keyboard battle was aroused only for a simple reason and also quite ridiculous: because Niall Horan has not heard of BTS’s Dynamite !?


Specifically, a few hours ago, a BTS fan asked Niall Horan if the male singer had heard the song Dynamite. And an answer that seems to be very ordinary but has the nature of unbelievable war …


Niall Horan replied, “No, I haven’t”. Such an innocuous answer, but suddenly turned into a hot topic on social networks.

In the BTS fan community, there were two streams of opinion: Some were very angry, accusing the former One Direction member of being a racist for not listening to Dynamite (currently comments accuse Niall Horan has been deleted). The rest of the remainder expressed understanding, that not listening to music does not constitute racism or not because everyone has different tastes.


How can their idol be criticized for such an unworthy thing, One Direction’s fans immediately defended Niall Horan. They think that there are elements in BTS fandom that are toxic to accusing others of just because they don’t listen to BTS music. And Dynamite’s high position on the Billboard chart does not mean that everyone has to listen to that song.

Currently, the war between the two fandoms has not shown signs of settling down. Because the explosion was too fiery for male singer Niall Horan, he has now deleted his answer on Twitter.