This is the first time Katy Perry shared about how were her true feelings, all the hopeless and hurt moments in 2017 when the singer and Orlando Bloom broke up.

Katy Perry, 35-year-old, was “broken in half” and “crashed” – she admitted as she reflected on the past in her latest interview.


Not only the heartbroken came from her love life but at that time, her album Witness also didn’t meet the success of her album Prism in 2013. Katy said she was left “wallowing” in her “own sadness” but it was “gratitude” which saved her life.

She told: “Gratitude is probably the thing that saved my life, because if I did not find that I would have wallowed in my own sadness and probably just jumped.”


However, Katy and Orlando have got back together after all, and their bonding seems to be closer and happier than ever. This also brought much love and support from fans.

The couple has been in preparation for their first child‘s entrance in the summer; Orlando already has a son Flynn with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. They even have plans to get married in Japan but due to the coronavirus pandemic spreading all over the world, the wedding has temporarily been put on hold.

Katy Perry then shared her heartache as she admitted their break up had shattered her into small pieces.


She added: “My career was on this trajectory when it was going up, up and up and then I had the smallest shift, not that huge from an outside perspective. But for me it was seismic.”

“I had given so much out, and it literally broke me in half. I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby daddy-to-be… so I just crashed.”

The singer said: “In the past, I had been able to overcome it, but this time something happened that made me fall down too many flights of stairs. I had to really go on a mental health journey.”