Katy Perry looks set to bounce back after the coronavirus lockdown, after hinting at a new Las Vegas residency show.

The Never Worn White singer, who is currently expecting her first child – a daughter – with fiance Orlando Bloom, teased during a Facebook Q&A session on Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020) that a show in Sin City could be on the cards.


A fan called Patrick asked Katy whether a regular gig would be a possibility and, when Katy seemingly saw the question, she said, “Hey Patrick… That one was for you,” after giving a wink to the camera.

Last year, it was reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal that the Small Talk singer was seen taking a tour of The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where Celine Dion played for 16 years.


She and members of her entourage were shown the balcony and lower-level seating and also visited the Colosseum’s dressing rooms,” a source said at the time.