These songs maybe the audience’s favorite hit songs but not all the singers seem to like their songs.

Justin Bieber and “Beauty and a Beat”

During an interview in 2016 on “The Bert Show”, Justin Bieber shared that “Beauty and a Beat” is one of his least-favored songs of him.

Kanye West – Gold Digger

Kanye West once told BBC Radio in 2013 that he recorded the hit “Gold Digger” in 2005 just because of money. The rapper added that he hasn’t liked the song for at least one moment, despite the fact that Gold Digger is one of Kanye’s biggest hits.

The song has help Kanye West to maintain a solid financial status and received a huge wave of compliments from the critics. It was the most downloaded song at that time, which led to the title as “Record of the year” and “Best rap solo performance” at Grammy 2006 for Kanye West.

Ariana Grande – Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande used to say that if she could turn back time, she would never record the song “Put Your Hearts Up”.

In an interview with Rolling Stones, she admitted her true feelings towards the set of the song and said that the song seemed to dedicate to children and feels fake when singing it. Even the video recording where she danced in a princess dress on the streets, which made her even have a nightmare.

Selena Gomez – Come and Get it

Come and Get it was the greatest song in Selena‘s first album, which is loved by lots of people even until now. However, in an interview on Entertainment Weekly in 2016, the singer said that the song sounded like any song that got rejected by Rihanna.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Telephone

In an interview with Pop Justice, the singer shared that she actually hated Telephone – the song she and Beyonce worked together. She explained that though the song wasn’t that bad, she just didn’t have a good experience during the making of Telephone.

Telephone received many compliments by the critics and considered it as the most outstanding song in EP The Fame Monster. The song marked its name in many music charts and made incredible revenues in the United States, Australia, Canada, Holland, New Zealand,…