Harry Styles has released a vibrant music video for his latest single, Watermelon Sugar, from number one album, Fine Line.

The singer payed homage to the 60s in the eccentric video that features the former One Direction star eating fruit seductively on the beach while surrounded by women. Harry, 26, dedicated the video to ‘touching’ in a cheeky opening title that makes reference to the current coronavirus pandemic.


Harry took a seat at the table dressed in a typically quirky outfit, with a sleeveless orange crochet knit vest teamed with burgundy trousers. While sat beside the ocean with a grainy filter over the top, Harry also donned large blue sunglasses and pink nail polish.

The star then ate the slice of watermelon while various girls were shown in a seductive fashion on the same beach.


Harry was then joined by multiple ladies lying down on a picnic rug over one another dressed in vintage inspired bikinis and swimsuits. There were watermelons surrounding the group with Harry in the middle in a Gucci ensemble.

Some fans have made comparisons to Elton John’s 1983 music video for I’m Still Standing.

In one particular moment, there was a line of people pressed against one another who then fell in a domino effect which was also seen in Elton’s video. Harry also donned sunglasses similar to some of Elton’s iconic pairs.


The video was filmed on a Malibu beach back in January, before coronavirus restrictions meant it was socially unacceptable to touch.

The video features the Falling singer receive kisses from the women as they frolicked in the sand and fed each other fruit. Towards the end of the video, Harry and the rest of the ensemble ran into the sea with the backdrop of a golden sunset behind them.

As expected, fans went wild for the summer-fantasy video and ‘Harry Styles’ was trending moments after the video’s release. One fan shared: ”No one contact me today please I’m going to be thinking about Harry Styles eating a watermelon in slow motion