He’s a talented singer, a multi-talent producer, a goofy person with a great sense of humor. But, what facts about Post Malone that you don’t know?

#1. Post Malone’s real name is Austin Richard Post. He was born on July 4th, 1995, in Syracuse, New York.


#2. Post Malone was raised by his father and step-mother until he was nine years old. They then moved to Texas because of his father’s job.

#3. Posts started his interest in guitar from a video game called “Guitar Hero”. He decided to learn by himself with Youtube videos.

#4. When Post was 15, he wanted a stage name so he used a rap name generator and ended up with “Malone”.


#5. He started his early career as a wedding DJ, while being a college student un Syracuse.

#6. One senior at his school voted that Malone was “Most Likely To Become Famous.” This was after he had already started recording and releasing music at age 16.

#7. When Post was 16, he used Audacity, a free audio editor, to make his first mixtape called “Young and After Them Riches”.


#8. Post Malone was a college dropout of Tarrant County Community College, saying in a Tweet that he wasn’t very good at school.

#9. Post was almost a professional metal guitarist in a popular metalcore band called Crown the Empire.

#10. Post doesn’t like his first album, Stoney. Post definitely didn’t try to deflect the criticism about it, saying that his next album would be much better.

#11. Post has anxiety and had been “anxious and kind of sad all the time.” since the beginning of his high school year.

#12. Post Malone first met Kanye West at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party. The famous rapper seemed to like Post’s music and then they had their collaboration in “Fade”.


#13. Bob Dylan had a huge influence on Post Malone and considers the legendary singer as a genius.

#14. Post is a big fan of John F. Kennedy because he feels he was the only President to speak out against corruption in the government. He even has a tattoo of him on his arm.

#15. Post has a role in Mark Wahlberg film Wonderland, set to be released through Netflix. Looks like the rapper is taking steps into the movie industry.