The latest album of “Love me like you do” singer, Ellie Goulding is set to release on 17 July. She seemed to be wanting for a collab with “Paris in the rain” Lauv and guess what, the song is finally out!

Before the official collaboration, Ellie tweeted with her millions of followers and teased about a song with Lauv. Fans of them were totally for it.

“So I’ve been thinking about releasing one more song before #BrightestBlue comes out. maybe with @lauvsongs?”, she tweeted.

“Okay sorry that sounded aggressive but pls my fave female & fave male artists this is literally the dream collab I’m sooo excited !!”, one fan replied to her tweet.

“OMG YES YES YES YES YES”, another chimed in but more simpler!

In responding to Ellie’s ask, Lauv didn’t intend to hide his excitement.


This collab was just like a dream and created a brand new trend “Lauv me like you do” by fans as to show their support for the pair. And as the wish, the song called “Slow Grenade” of Ellie and Lauv was released. The female singer wasn’t shy to show how thankful and love for Lauv, as she wrote: “Thank you for allowing me to use my voice in these moments and bring out the fearlessness in my music.”

“Excited to work with @lauvsongs on this one”, as she came to conclusion.

A sweet hug of the duo was also posted by Ellie, where they looked happy and so satisfied with the final work.


Let’s watch the audio version for Slow Grenade below and wait for her Brightest Blue comes out the 17th.