Goodbye on bright sunny days, the sky has changed with gentle autumn days and pouring rain. Time to refresh your music playlist!

Alexander 23 – Caught In The Middle


It seems that not only The Vamps have worked hard to compose during this social gap. Alexander 23 also released a new song called Caught In The Middle a few days ago.

Caught In The Middle talks about the strange familiarity we have with someone we once loved. It is strange to know all the deepest, darkest secrets of a person, but have no idea of ​​their daily life – to be a true person standing between the words’ lover. ‘and’ strangers’. True to the sharing of the singer, the lyrics make us remember the feelings after breaking up with a person who was extremely special in my life. ‘We’re caught in the middle of lovers and strangers, You know everything about me except how my day was, Ain’t it funny how we used to say I love you, Now we don’t say nothing at all?’.

Caught In The Middle is the successor to IDK You Yet also released by Alexander 23 not long ago. Although not promoted in advance, IDK You Yet still achieved a respectable record with more than 100 million streams globally since its release date in May.

James Bay – Chew On My Heart


Knowing James Bay, the audience is familiar with the image of a long-haired singer with energetic love songs. His latest song, Chew On My Heart is no exception, but somewhere brings a very new feeling.

Opening with soft music and sweet confidences, the song quickly changed with a more intense rhythm and rhythm. ‘Chew On My Heart’ then blossomed into a strong and optimistic statement about love. ‘I wanna be in your touch, Sleeping’s so tough, You’re burning up my mind,’ he sang. ‘What would it feel like if you tore me apart? Come on, chew on my heart ‘.

Inspired by his 13-year girlfriend and branded guitar, James Bay’s newest product in 2020 is truly the voice of a man who desires to love and be loved, no matter the consequences. Chew On My Heart also partly revealed to the audience the positive direction and color of the music in this singer / songwriter’s next album.

The Vamps – Married In Vegas


Farewell with emotional and disturbing lyrics, the list continues with an extremely vibrant and energetic song. Recently, The Vamps has released their latest single titled Married In Vegas.

With this product, the British group delivered an emotional performance with a melody that couldn’t be more excited. Filling the MV is regal gold, inspired by Las Vegas, the city has always existed with casinos, gambling and adventure. Throughout the song, the four members fall in love with lyrics about a wedding in Las Vegas, when all the bride and groom need is madness in love. ‘For better or for worse, I’ll be riding high, Even if it’s just tonight or the rest of my life’.

The song is the first single on the group’s fifth album, Cherry Blossom, to be released in October this year.