Recently, the news about the collaboration between the two most popular female rappers in the US-UK music industry Cardi B and Nicki Minaj suddenly spread throughout the social networks. Cardi B also quickly posted to a mysterious collaboration that made fans stirring.


Specifically, Genius – a website that helps users find the meaning of the lyrics and popular hot news in the entertainment world has posted information about a song called Lavish performed by Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Immediately, this song quickly made the online community more excited. However, many people still expressed their doubts because this is very unlikely to happen. Everyone knows the relationship between these two female rappers has always been in tensions since the scuffle took place in the framework of New York Fashion Week.

However, many fans are still looking forward to this collaboration. They also give many evidence that the sisterhood between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is showing more prosperous and calming signs than 2 years ago. In a recent interview, the hit owner WAP gave full praise to a female rapper as follows: “When I was a kid, exactly when I was eight years old, there were countless female rappers in the music scene And then for many years after that, no female rapper really stood out. I myself had to regularly play and re-pop songs from the early 2000s because there was not a single female rapper back then. But when a female rapper came out, she dominated the rap industry for a long time and she really did a great job in this role. Even now, her position has not changed.”


Although he did not name or mention Nicki Minaj directly, fans still think that Cardi B is giving praise to his seniors. This has strengthened the belief in rumors of reconciliation, as well as the collaboration between the two most popular female rappers of this decade.

Not stopping there, a few hours ago, Cardi B also posted a promising status line about an explosive single about to be released. This makes fans even more excited and want this to be a collaboration with Nicki. If this is true, it will definitely be a shocking product and make the strongest mark in the music industry this year. Even the US-UK audience affirms that this song will definitely be # 1 Billboard Hot 100.