Bruno Mars wants the world to notice his modeling ability, just as the world admires his musical talent. So he decided to ask Rihanna to be a part of the Fenty Skin campaign, in a quite-desperate way.


The Uptown Funk singer went on his official Twitter account to explain how he felt boredom and frustrated with making music lately, and a piece of his heart screamed that he would try to be a model instead.

He’s not wrong at all, he could be a qualified option. “Sometimes I get so frustrated writing music I look in the mirror and say to myself “I should’ve been a model”,” he wrote.

And in just 30 minutes later, Bruno decided to start his modeling career when asking RiRi for an opportunity to be part of her new skincare line’s campaign. “Yo @rihanna I’d like to submit some of my headshots for your Fenty Skin Campaign.”

“I just took some new ones that I’m really proud of,” the star continued.

For a skincare campaign, seems like Bruno Mars has already had a clear and healthy skin. His fans couldn’t wait more for this collaboration to happen in the near future.


For the singer-businesswoman Rihanna, she has just announced to stay focused more on her products’ lines, including her cosmetics, skincare items and lingerie. The talented artist even showcase her modeling potential as she became as self-made model for her own products.

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RiRi recently dropped a video promoting the new line, with the appearance of Lil Nas and Asap Rocky, before Fenty Skin dropped on July 31. A promo video shared on her social media page showed the 32-year-old looking at all kinds of radiant as she hit up a pool party with her friends.

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Cue lots of dancing and fun times, with everyone absolutely glowing thanks to a dollop of Fenty Skin, aka “the new culture of skincare”.