Bebe Rexha is spicing up her manicure. The “Meant to Be” singer, 32, took to Instagram Friday to promote Sinful Colors’ new Salty & Sweet collection of nail polishes that look — and even smell — like snack foods including tacos, donuts, pizza, chocolate cake, cheese puffs and cookies and cream.

The full collection of all six shades initially retailed for $14.29 at Walmart, but is currently — shockingly — sold out. However, those who can’t resist licking their fingers after chowing down on a bag of Cheetos can nab the individual polishes for $2.98 each.


Meanwhile, the Brooklyn native gave tips for covering her severe dark circles under her eyes in amake-up tutorial posted by Vogue’s YouTube on Wednesday.

In the video she said: “One thing I found really hard working with a lot of other make-up artists or for me was getting rid of my dark circles or some discoloration I may have by using a color corrector.” Bebe tackled the dark spots by applying orange-toned color correcter under her eyes with a Beauty Blender.


Reviews for the Salty & Sweet collection, which dropped in March, have been mixed. One critic said the “Donut Even” shade smelled “delicious,” but that “Taco Tuesday” reminded her of “raw hamburger meat.”

Others on Reddit said they got nauseous while painting on the taco-scented polish, while one person suggested trying a margarita-themed accent nail to match.