American filmmakers are constantly exploring the school theme in ways that are interesting and novel. Here are 6 fictional high schools that you would wish to attend if they were real, because they are just too cool.

NORTH SHORE High School (Mean Girls)


This is the only school on this list that you can join rather easily. Your studying will also be better and smoother. With math teacher Tina Fey or principal Tim Meadows, these two special characters will make your semester more memorable than ever.

Besides, every day you have the opportunity to meet the unique and beautiful Rachel McAdams. Your high school memories will be extremely interesting if they happen at this school.

SUNNYDALE High School (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


Actually, Sunnydale is not a smart choice if you want to have safe years in high school. This is the abode of countless kinds of monsters so it is impossible to know when someone will disappear.

The plus side of it, however, is that you can skip school whenever you want or leisurely enjoy the great moments at America’s most beautiful library. Come to think of it, charming monsters might be a good reason to join this school, right?

WILLIAM McKINLEY High School (Freaks and Geeks)


William McKinley will be an ideal place for you to accumulate valuable learning experiences. At this school, you will see the growth of your friends, emotional conflicts, pressure in the learning environment… If you have not watched this series, you will be surprised to discover so many familiar faces in it.



One very interesting thing about Starfleet is that it requires very little in terms of training. But after you receive the red uniform, your journey will officially begin. You will be thrown into a crew to scout the outer space. What could be better than space travel? Of course it would be more ideal if there were no wars involving other planets, but, duh.

HOGWARTS (Harry Potter)


With this magic castle, even if you have to live in fear, it’s worth a try. Fooling around with ghosts, playing with friends every night at a fireplace, flying here and there… Well, sign me up! And obviously you can become a formidable wizard.

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (X-men)


There are actually a dozen reasons to stay away from this school but with its great geographic location and the full range of education, it is worth attending, as long as we don’t turn blue or get abducted now and then, or similar things.

So, what do you think? Are these 6 fictional high schools interesting enough? Tell us your opinion.