After 3 times changing its director, Uncharted continued to prove its unfortunate fate when it had to stop filming right on the first day due to COVID-19.

Uncharted is the next movie adaptaion from a game. Actor Tom Holland was cast to play Nathan Drake, a boy in 2017. Looking at the age of the actor, it’s clear that Uncharted will follow the original story of the main character in the game.


Uncharted will follow Nathan Drake, a professional treasure hunter. The audience will watch him on his journey to search for ancient stones, and of course there will be countless dangers on the path he has chosen. The film will take place in the game Uncharted 4.


Previously, Uncharted faced many difficulties to become an official project as it is now. Launched in 2008, the film had to change its director three times. Currently, Ruben Fleischer is the name in charge of this position.

Director Ruben Fleischer

It was actor Tom Holland who revealed that the production of the film was stopped on the first day of filming, continuing the series of black days for this film project. Due to the rapid outbreak of COVID-19, all film production and distribution were postponed. Originally, Uncharted was expected to launch on March 5, 2021. But now, it has been rescheduled for August 8, 2021.

A poster made by fans

Tom revealed: “Yeah, we went to work Day 1. I’m doing this movie called Uncharted, which is based on a video game. And we showed up for our first day of shooting and then they shut us down. I was in Berlin, so I had to come home and now I’m back in London.”


Not only Uncharted, but a series of other blockbusters from Sony has also been postponed, such as Morbius, Venom 2 and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Other Sony blockbusters have also been postponed.

We hope the producers can overcome this series of difficulties to introduce to the audience a movie adaptation that is worthy of what the fans are waiting for.