It doesn’t take much from Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet to get his fans excited. And while honoring the class of 2020 in the Graduate Together special, the 24-year-old sent fans on social media crazy as he mentioned his old statistics teacher Ms. Lawton and an old video of his. A high-school era video of the actor rapping about statistics and his teacher has long been a favorite among his fans so the recent mention made fans’ day.

It was the third and final name Timothee Chalamet mentioned that sent fans to social media to share in their excitement. ”Miss Lawton, thank you for your valiant efforts to teach me the art of statistics,” he said. “I can’t imagine what the last couple months has been like for students, let alone for high school seniors, not being able to attend your graduation ceremonies,” he said while honoring students from his alma mater LaGuardia High School. 


In recent years, fans have dug up a video of ‘ya boy little Timmy Tim,’ rapping about the math class. An almost unrecognizable Chalamet donned a hot pink snapback, on backwards, a grey v-neck and slightly sagging jean shorts. 


What up statistics class I’m coming through live from G 25,” he raps. “Statistics (ya) statistics (ya) statistics (ya) Miss Lawton (ya) Miss Lawton (ya) Miss Lawton (ya).” He eventually is joined by classmates in the video, set on a black background as he spits out other statistics key words, formulas and ways to solve problems. Fans were quick notice his reference of Ms. Lawton and quickly connected the dots to the video.