Netflix: A Whisker Away has a gentle late autumn color scheme and is whirling with unrequited sadness.

Who says that children don’t have sadness, that childhood is always the best days of life. The old age also has sadness and like adults, sometimes they also choose to wear a mask to hide their feelings. A Whisker Away will give you a glimpse of sadness in a child’s world.


“A strange girl turns into a cat to get close to the person she likes. But before she knew it, the line between cat and person was slowly blurring.” Those are the lines of A Whisker Away about the very special “crushing” story of the heroine Sasaki Miyo for her classmate Hinode Kento. One fateful night gave her the chance to become a cat at will to reach someone she secretly missed. However, every miracle comes at a cost, will Miyo be willing to pay it off for Hinode’s heart?

A Whisker Away attracts viewers with a fanciful element of “animal incarnation” like The Little Mermaid. The movie was built enough, not too complicated, but still stimulated the curiosity of the viewer in only 104 minutes. However, interesting cartoon works from the country of the rising sun are more than just one-sided love. Aspects of friendship, friendship and the beautiful colors of youth are also portrayed gently and meaningfully.


Love at school is pure, sweet, but sometimes it is not less than sad aftertaste. A Whisker Away initially lures audiences with warm film colors and soft music that is mistaken for a sweet love story by Miyo and Hinode. The heroine confesses, the male lead will quickly agree, the two will spend a happy time together. That was exactly what Miyo thought, but Hinode acted the opposite.

This is the scene where the emotions of all the characters are pushed to the climax, forming the knot of the movie. Like a pebble falling on the flat surface of the lake, viewers also felt tightened in Miyo’s situation. There is nothing sadder than being hated by someone he likes for a long time, even though it was just yesterday that he expressed his love. That was also the reason why Miyo tormented about whether or not to be the cat Taro forever to enjoy Hinode’s attention. After all, unilateral love is mostly a vicious cycle, but the “labyrinth” that Miyo gets lost in leads to a single outlet that she never wanted.

“Maybe you don’t need me, but I need you”, do you think this is a saying of love? Not at all, this is something close friend Miyo told her when they were both in elementary school. Yuriko is a bright spot in the female lead’s school life, helping her not feel lonely whenever she encounters Hinode’s friction. A Whisker Away brings a sweet taste of friendship even as a small supporting element in the main storyline.

Miyo and Yuriko have been friends for a long time, but it was probably thanks to the above statement that really the beginning of their long and beautiful friendship. Yuriko ignored her mean classmates, ignoring the possibility of being bullied in pursuit of Miyo, and decided not to put an end to that friendship. Though Miyo wore a cheerful mask, Yuriko knew that was how Miyo hid her trauma. Sometimes friendship is more romantic than love, right?


Besides love and friends, family is also a highlight of A Whisker Away. The novelty of this work is that the intimacy is shown in a magical way without common sense. The first is the step mother-in-law relationship. The heroine Miyo always tries to distance herself from her stepmother Kaoru, while at the same time forces herself to be polite, not disturbed, and always keep a smile on her face, even though she’s not happy inside. From the outside, Miyo must have been trying to coexist peacefully with Kaoru as a family, but it was just building a false relationship.

On the contrary, Kaoru always strives to close the gap between mother and child by taking care of Miyo in her daily life, from her meals to her sleep. She was also the one who discovered that Miyo often sneaked out of the house, who was devoted to searching for Miyo when she went missing. Although not depicted in too detailed, this character still left a good impression on viewers. It took a long time for Miyo to realize Ms. Kaoru’s heart, but it was more late than never.

In addition, A Whisker Away depicts an invisible but strong connection between humans and cats. Kinako, the cat girl, has a good and prosperous life thanks to her owner Kaoru. She adopted Kinako from a young age and raised her baby until Miyo entered their lives. In order to repay her master’s nurturing grace, Kinako did not hesitate to choose to become a human, thereby also wishing to be Kaoru’s daughter. Kinako has lived most of her life as a cat, but if she becomes a human, she can continue to be with and support Kaoru. Who says only dogs can be loyal, even cats have their own way of caring for us if we give them true trust and love.

If you’re curious about the end of A Whisker Away, whether Miyo and Hinode will pair up and Miyo will be human or still cats, enjoy this movie to its fullest. Although not an excellent work, A Whisker Away will bring you meaningful and touching lessons, along with moments of comfort and cozy cold rainy day.