Sources from the palace of reporter Russell Myers said that the royal family members were shocked at Meghan ‘s attitude.


The Duchess of Sussex filed a lawsuit against Mail and her company, DMG Media, for publishing excerpts of a letter she wrote to her father in 2018. Specifically, Meghan accused the company of infringing upon its own rights, private, copyright infringement and Data Protection Act 2018. And in the latest document submitted to the court, she claimed that she was not protected by the British royal family, and was also prohibited from defending herself during pregnancy.

According to Meghan’s team of lawyers, Kensington Palace once asked her to tell her friends and family to remain silent when interacting with the media, making people want to speak out because the Duchess also did not have a chance. Compared to the royal expenses for the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the revenue of more than 1 billion GBP (over 1.2 billion USD) from tourism activities related to this event is indeed a huge number.


The ‘Save the Queen’ program identified Meghan’s move as a huge shock to the Queen and her royal family members. Sources from the palace of editor Russell Myers said the royal family members were shocked at Meghan’s attitude.

‘Remembering the Queen’s speech before Harry and Meghan left the royal family, I felt they were truly sad. The Queen often mentioned her family, she shared how impressed by her new bride, how to welcome Meghan. Meghan’s cold statement will disappoint the royal family members who once treated her well, ‘he said.


‘This is the power game that Meghan and the team of lawyers are the initiators. It seems Meghan is dissatisfied with the way the royal family treats her, especially when asked not to publicly refute the words of the newspapers that mention her father and daughter’s relationship, ‘Myers continued.

However, this is not the first time Meghan implies that she is not respected by the royal family. In an interview with Tom Bradby for ITV’s documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, she thanked him for asking her health. The Duchess of Sussex said not many people were interested in whether she was okay, or implicitly criticized the royal cold.

In contrast, according to news from Myers, the royal family had no conflict with taking Meghan, they even love her, such as Prince Charles. When it came to legal issues, the Duchess’s subjective perception would become a weapon that hurt the sincerity the royal family had for her.