In solidarity with everyone cooped up inside during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Will Forte announced a YouTube Live stream with his fellow cast members from the post-apocalyptic comedy The Last Man on Earth.

Forte revealed the livestream event on his Twitter account, alongside a flyer with details about the stream superimposed over an image of Forte’s character Phil Miller passed out in a wading pool surrounded by liquor bottles.


The Last Man on Earth takes place a year after a deadly plague has seemingly wiped out the human race. Phil begins desperately painting signs in each state to lead any possible survivors to his hometown of Tuscon, Arizona, and miraculously people begin to gradually appear, including Carol (Kristen Schaal), who convinces Phil that it’s their duty to repopulate the planet.


Phil is ultimately kicked out of Tuscon, and he and Carol make their way to Malibu, then an office building, then a desert island, and finally Mexico. It’s a truly unique sitcom in every possible way, created and produced by Forte and executive produced by 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie architects Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.