Model Ashley Graham is isolated with her family in her hometown of Nebraska, so she cannot have a normal photo shoot. However, 32-year-old beauty and Harper Bazaar magazine still have a way to overcome this predicament.


Ashley Graham takes pictures online with the help of her husband.

In the behind-the-scenes photo shared by Ashley Graham, she poses in the corner of the staircase flooded with light, wearing a sexy cut Proenza Schouler dress. In front is the husband Justin Ervin sling his baby and adjust the phone. Through online chat platform Zoom, photographer Mario Sorrenti photographed Ashley from afar for a magazine cover.


Ashley Graham has a captivating photo on the cover of a special digital fashion magazine entitled Voices Of Hope. She is one of six powerful women who share the influence of Covid-19 and racism in this issue.

As a person who emphasizes honesty, Ashley Graham did not propose to fix the image for a slimmer physique. She was comfortable revealing that her breasts were still trimmed after nearly 6 months of giving birth to her first child. The world’s most famous plus size model is the rare beauty who dare to do this.


In an online interview, MC Miss Universe shared her life from being a mother: “Having children has changed us in a way I’ve never thought of. From the birth of a baby and then isolation. With me, I have changed a lot of thoughts about life. Just seeing my son grow up every day before my eyes – literally – is a dream-like happiness.”

Ashley Graham gave birth to baby Issac in January. The little angel is her first child and cinematographer Justin Ervin after 10 years of marriage.