As one of the most anticipated movie projects of 2020, The New Mutants promises to bring spectacular, suffocating and memorable scenes to the viewers.

More specifically, the movie consists of a brand new mutant group with superpowers that have almost never been introduced on the big screen before.


WOLFSBANE (Rahne Sinclair)

Going through an unhappy childhood when always being abused by her own father, Wolfsbane’s journey to becoming a mutant was even worse when she was nearly killed by her father because she expressed the power she had.


Not only the ability to transform into a wolf, Wolfsbane in the comic book can also turn into a werewolf and still retains the best properties of both forms. In her transformed state, Wolfsbane’s strength, stamina, and speed are all enhanced, and she also possesses the wolf’s super-sensitive senses.

CANNONBALL (Sam Guthrie)

With the ability to generate thrust from natural thermochemical energy to help himself move with sublime speed, Cannonball is indeed a true cannon. In the comics, he worked in a mine before joining the young X-Men team. A dangerous incident here helped him discover his superpowers.


Cannonball also possesses superhuman endurance thanks to the energy field covered him. He is also almost invulnerable when in the state of the cannon.

MAGIK (Illyana Rasputin)

Magik is a Russian mutant known for her magical ability and is Colossus’ sister.


Magik’s most prominent ability is to control teleportation portals to teleport and travel between the two dimensions of Limbo space and Earth. A mysterious armor also appears on Magik’s body when she uses magic. In addition, Magik is also a skilled swordsman with the weapon of the Soulsword sword from Limbo.

SUNSPOT (Robert De Costa)

Sunspot’s most noticeable superpower is the absorption, storage and release of solar energy. This ability allows him to fly, enhance strength, endurance and burn enemies.


When absorbing enough necessary energy, Sunspot can also transform into solar form – a real living sun with tremendous power.

MIRAGE (Danielle Moonstar)

One of the movie’s biggest mysteries is the mutant with the ability to influence people’s mind – Mirage. This Native American girl is promised to be one of the main factors that create horror colors for The New Mutants thanks to her superpowers.


Mirage’s primary ability is to create illusions based on her target’s fear or desire. In the comic version, she can also talk with animals.