Black actor John Boyega recently shared his bad experience of being a part of the Star Wars franchise.

John Boyega – a black actor who plays Finn in three recently released Star Wars movies, posted a forum about his experience on the set of the Disney blockbuster. Specifically, he shared his lack of understanding about black culture as well as how he was treated differently when participating in the Star Wars parts.


When talking about the movie’s stylist, Boyega said, “They disdain the things I want to wear during the press conference for The Force Awakens.” After that, another hair stylist, although not experienced in handling black hair, still “pretended to know”.

“During the press conference of that part, I still listen to them,” – he shared – “And of course I was very excited about being a part of the series. However, my dad always says ‘Don’t ever respect others too much ‘. You can respect them, but sometimes it turns into selling yourself. ”


“I was the only member of the cast to have a different experience because of skin color during Star Wars,” Boyega continued. “I just said that’s it. I was given the opportunity in a market that wasn’t ready for the arrival of people of color yet. Many people told me they would boycott the film because I was black. Other actors are not like that. They don’t get harsh words, threatening to kill on Instagram and social networks, that ‘black like you shouldn’t be playing Stormtrooper’. Nobody has it but me, and they become surprised to find me so angry. ”


John Boyega was born in 1992, has had many years in film and television works, but his name only really received aura of light with the role of the black hero Finn in the 3 Star Wars episodes from 2015. to 2019. Thanks to this role, he is also highly appreciated by many critics and audiences with his emotional acting and leaving a great impression. He received the prestigious BAFTA award for his performance in The Force Awakens.

This is not the only time the Star Wars franchise actors have been harassed and attacked by fans. Vietnamese-born actress Kelly Marie Tran had to delete everything on Instagram after being bullied by the fan community for her role as Rose Tico in the movie The Last Jedi. She suffered heavy words based on her gender and appearance after the character Rose Tico was hated by many people even though she did nothing.