Immense motherhood is the driving force behind single moms to overcome fear to protect their children from the dangers of stalking.

In the world of horror, women and children are often the targets of dark forces, stalking villains, threatening to take their lives. Because of that, the movies that use the weaker sex as the main character make viewers shivering, worried about the character. Taking advantage of this topic, many filmmakers choose the character model of a single mother and her children in their horror works. Although they belong to the group of people who love drowning, they are always resilient, ready to face the devil to protect their children. Here are 5 movies with a strong fighting journey of single mothers.

Grace – The Others (2001)


Thriller The Others earned Nicole Kidman a Golden Globe nomination as a young single mother. In the movie, Nicole Kidman plays the mother of two children.

Grace’s family lived in the old castle with three servants after her husband suddenly disappeared. The mother constantly encounters unusual phenomena that make her suspect that someone is hiding in the house, waiting to harm her and her two children. The mother frantically tries to protect the family until she discovers the horrifying truth. The film’s final opening stunned many audiences, but also helped us more sympathize with the painful journey of an unhappy mother like Grace.

Dahlia – Dark Water (2005)


Dark Water is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror film of the same name. The film revolves around single mother Dahlia and her daughter when they move back to live in a dilapidated apartment complex. This apartment complex has witnessed a terrible murder case, so the pitiful soul is still lingering here.

The bizarre phenomena caused by this soul continuously attacked the already unstable lives of Dahlia and his daughter. And when the mother discovered that her daughter was in danger, Dahlia agreed to sacrifice her body to cure the ghost of the supernatural. After a series of scary threats, the motherhood in Dark Water is the deepest mark for viewers.

Amelia – The Babadook (2014)


The Babadook is considered one of the best psychological horror works of modern cinema.

After her husband died, Amelia had to raise her son Samuel alone. Samuel is haunted by the character Babadook in children’s stories and Amelia herself gradually feels the presence of this terrifying force in the house. To protect his son, Amelia must confront Babadook and defeat him. Not only impressing viewers with creative scares, but the role of mother Amelia by actress Essie Davis is one of the remarkable highlights of The Babadook.

Peggy – The Conjuring 2 (2016)


The Conjuring 2 is inspired by America’s most famous haunted story – the horror story at the Amityville house. A single mother and four children were tortured by evil spirits, causing the psychic couple Ed and Lorraine to personally investigate.

Mother Peggy almost despaired when she watched her daughter Janet slowly take over by the devil. The demon even made Janet deceive everyone that it was a trick. After the demon was banished and Janet was saved, mother Peggy continues to live at the house that marked the family’s horror.

Emma – You’re not Alone (2020)

The Hidden (original title: You’re Not Alone) is the latest horror movie that exploits motherhood in a small family situation threatened by inexplicable horror phenomena. Unlike the mothers mentioned above, Emma is not allowed to live with her daughter, but is forced to separate when she has no custody after the divorce.

The death of her ex-husband brought Emma and her daughter Ashley back together. Although trying to arouse friendship, but the little girl still seems too strange and mysterious to Emma. Things are worse when Ashley claims an unnamed figure is present in the house. Can Emma protect her from an invisible stalker? Once again, the unlimited power of motherhood will be a link that anchors the audience’s emotions through the stressful moments of the horror genre.