Eagled-fans even noticed how the entire Scream 5 cast had followed the Instagram account of Selena Gomez for a long time ago.

After nearly 10 years since season 4 and 25 years since the first part, the horror series called Scream will have an exciting return in 2021. There is still no information about the plot, but recently, many European and American movie nerds have rumored that Selena Gomez will be in this project.


Specifically, many fans have been looking through every corner of Selena Gomez’s Instagram page to discover that some of the cast’s names of Scream series have quietly pressed the button to follow her ever since. Even the actress Courteney Cox also left a comment on the photo of the hit owner Rare.

Scream is a thriller – sensational series that has released 4 parts, about the horrifying killing sequence of an anonymous killer named Ghostface.


The main character’s mission is to discover who is behind the mask and what his motives are. In particular, at the beginning of each movie, there is always a classic “opening death” scene, in which one or more famous guest stars will be chased and killed by the killer.


Therefore, many viewers predicted that this would be the next role that Selena Gomez would want to try as the female actress-singer recently seemed to concentrate more in the movie industry.