Ratched – the latest horror, psychological movie has made the audience wobble with extremely attractive creepy content.


Recently released on Netflix , the new series of “golden hand” Ryan Murphy named Ratched has received great attention from professionals as well as audiences around the world. With remarkable acting by talented actress Sarah Paulson and stars such as Judy Davis, Jon Jon Briones and Finn Wittrock, Ratched is considered one of the most watched names of television this year.

Terrifying content


The psychological thriller Ratched revolves around the nurse of the same name – a character in the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and has been shown very successfully by actress Louise. Fletcher (and she received an Oscar for the role) in the 1975 adaptation.

But with this version, the movie Ratched will be seen as a prequel with the setting before One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Viewers will see Mildred Ratched from a mysterious woman who tried to slip into Lucia’s psychiatric hospital with tricks from threatening, poisoning, promoting suicide … to serve her schemes.

Mildred Ratched was a wobbly, ruthless and calculating person who rose to power over the suffering of his mentally ill patients. This character is also one of the most memorable villains in the history of cinema. Therefore, the appearance of the Ratched series has made many people eagerly looking forward to it.

Ratched seems to be a “lightweight” medicine than the predecessor of producer Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story. However, the movie still possesses its own nature that makes the content more scary. Viewers since then also restless at the intentions of the main character. Not only that, the movie also nurtures this dangerous character a past and a soul so that in the end, viewers are both discontented but also sympathetic to the character. Of course, the bloody killing scenes are still an integral part of Ratched.

Sarah Paulson with haunted acting


The same producer Ryan Murphy, Ratched owns a cast familiar to audiences who have been tired of American Horror Story.

The role of ruthless Mildred Ratched nurse was given to Sarah Paulson – a talented actress who was repeatedly “chosen by Ryan Murphy” for the critically acclaimed series such as the aforementioned American Horror Story and American Crime Story. She is the owner of many famous awards, especially the Critics’ Choice Television, Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. The 45-year-old actress’s performance in Ratched is also highly praised by professionals, with many comparing it to one of the best roles in her career.

The movie’s other actors also make viewers happy, such as veteran actress Judy Davis as Chief Nurse Betsy Bucket, or actor Finn Wittrock in the image of a crazy murderer.

From the actor, the costume to the setting, the film is an example of “deadly beauty”


With a flashy appearance and ability to speak and negotiate worthy of 10 points, the character Ratched shows himself as a perfect person at Lucia mental hospital to outdo everyone and use intrigue sickness to snatch what she wants. Likewise, the movie, although put on a splendid background with soft, tender pastel tones, quickly turns into bright blue and red colors, hinting at bad things every time Ratched “takes action. “.

One of the movie’s other highlights is fashion. The characters of the movie are produced very fond of wearing clothes that are not only trendy and elegant in the 1950s but are still popular today. From the nurse outfit to the formal dresses, all are a treat to the eye of the viewer.

Ratched did not forget to bring radicalism into a conservative society
Although set in the past, Ratched has a radical ideology in content. If you follow it closely, the audience will also see Mildred Ratched’s same-sex love affair with a woman – at a time when society is full of barriers and prejudices and mental hospitals are also working to ‘cure’ gay by soaking them in hot water.

Ratched’s attempt to recreate a classic character while still making the work full of tradition has garnered much praise. The famous newspapers around the world such as Independent, Collider or Guardian all expressed their satisfaction with Ratched, signaling new success for team Ryan Murphy and horror genre in general at the end of 2020.