Of all the nine nominees for the Best Picture Oscar in 2018. Daniel Day-Lewis stars in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread”

The only news about this film was that this was supposedly going to be the last film of its lead actor, Daniel Day-Lewis. But apparently, it was way more than just that. “Phantom Thread” was nominated not only for Best Picture, but also for Best Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Score, and expectedly, Costume Design.


It was the 1950s in London. Reynolds Woodcock is the couturier of the rich and famous ladies. He is an avowed bachelor, a strict stickler to his daily routines, with an obsessive eye for perfection based on his own high standards. He is deeply loyal to the memory of his departed mother and dependent on his spinster sister Cyril to manage the business side of his fashion label.


One day, Reynolds met Alma, a tall lissome waitress of uncertain foreign origin in a countryside restaurant. Alma eventually becomes Reynold’s constant inspiration, until a testy kind of love developed between them. Reynolds’ highbrow fastidiousness and Alma’s easygoing simplicity were not a match made in heaven. Alma decides she needs to do something drastic to make Reynolds realize her value, even if it meant hurting him.