Actor Orlando Bloom admired singer Katy Perry since she still recorded, performed, and released her recently MV all in her pregnancy.


In an interview about the new movie Outpost with AP, Orlando Bloom also shared about famous fiance Katy Perry. The 43-year-old actor said: “She is amazing and has incredible powers. While pregnant, she still takes on everything as usual. What is really impressive is that she is not tired, just do everything she can. She inspires in an admirable way. “

Orlando Bloom admires the energy and passion of Katy Perry’s work.


Katy Perry is pregnant her first child with Orlando Bloom. The singer will give birth to a daughter in July but unlike other pregnant women in maternity leave waiting for labor, Katy is still busy preparing to release a new album in August. During her pregnancy, she released multiple singles and filmed two MVs Never Worn White and Daisies. Katy also completed the role of judging the American Idol contest and accepted performances in many shows.

After 9 months, Katy Perry was still acting


Katy Perry complemented the program to celebrate new graduates in June

The voice of Firework had a lot of rest time on social breaks to avoid Covid-19. However, Katy Perry confessed that it was time she fell into depression for not being able to go out and participate in activities. “I am not used to being around many cramped people or in confined spaces for too long. I used to be active outside all day,” said the 35-year-old pop star.

Because Covid-19, Katy and Orlando had to cancel plans to get married in June. The couple decided to move back to next year to have a happy day with family and friends. Orlando proposed to Katy in March 2019 after more than two years of dating.