Released on Netflix on September 9, Cuties – a French film that immediately received thousands of negative comments. Contrary to the very innocent name, the film possesses segments and images of children following the “eroticism” trend, which looks like a scary pedophile publication.


After being discovered, the film caused the audience to fire and posted on social networks to express their opposition. #CancelNetflix hashtag quickly was pushed to the top of Twitter‘s popular top in the US, expressing the anger of the majority of the audience at this haunting work. Even many people have opened protest pages, urging Netflix users to stop renewing their accounts because the movie Cuties has collected 600,000 signatures.

Before that, Cuties has raised mixed opinions since August because the poster of the child cast was too revealing and sexy poses. Netflix then apologized and took down the images: “We are very sorry for the inappropriate picture publications of Cuties. That was unacceptable, and it doesn’t show the spirit of the movie either. ”

Cuties is a work by filmmaker Maïmouna Doucouré and won a directing award at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. It is about a little girl in Paris who joins a dance group to be free from her fallen family.


A video clip of the movie was also posted on Twitter by netizens and attracted attention when the child actors had to wear short, short clothes, perform chest-shaking dance, and beat hot butt. The video has 21 million views, accompanied by many comments expressing concern and indignation of European netizens.

The Daily Caller reporter commented, “Netflix is ​​fine with this. Many people will support them. Is our culture at this level? ”.


Many sources said that the young actresses of the film had to practice diligently for the erotic choreography above. In addition, they are given heavy language dialogue, including cursing words. The film also requires students to wear revealing and sexy outfits.

Melissa Henson, director of PTC – Parent Television Council in America also shared her feelings about the film. “Netflix seems to be trying to show that Cuties is just an innocent teen movie. Although the film addresses a very important topic – one that we could even respond to in a different way – the way the Cuties revolve around this really matters. “

Currently, Netflix has had new responses to the movie. The online television system still supported Cuties’ release and called the work “a film about social reality, condemning the evocative of children.” However, these words still do not make people angry, especially when the film is helping pedophiles to see and enjoy the image of children in a sexy, sickly seductive style.