Meghan Markle is expected to show up at the 15th anniversary of “Dancing with the stars” by long-time judge Bruno Tonioli, as a great addition to the show. 


After last starred on USA’s Suits series and becoming Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle hasn’t attended any entertainment programs. However, it might be the time for her to be on air again, at least on Dancing with the stars when judge Bruno Tonioli highly expects her to be on it. 


The Italian ballroom expert said, “She’d be great! It’d make her look accessible and funny — it’d be brilliant. Meghan, if you’re watching this, please! We’d love you to do it.”

Ahead of the dance competition’s 15th anniversary, Bruno discussed the show’s future with Extra, while also revealing how they’ll move forward with live shows during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bruno has not started production on Dancing with the stars 29th season, but he said that he’s hopeful they’ll figure out a way to do live shows — even if they have to do it without a live audience. “If you can recreate the sense of excitement, I’m sure it’s possible,” he said.

Meghan and Prince Harry recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary together, after their move to Los Angeles, USA. Maybe it could be an easier way for her to appear at the show more convenient?


Based on Bruno’s new interview, it seems clear that producers and all the judges would love it. Isn’t it lovely to see Meghan compete and does all the charming dance movements on Dancing with the stars? 

Let’s all wait until her official confirmation on her appearance at the show. If it’s a yes, judge Bruno might be happy with this fresh air to the show, especially for the 15th anniversary.