Since the announcement of leaving the royal family, financial autonomy so far, Meghan Markle and her husband has not made any money themselves.


Since officially leaving the royal family in late March, the Sussex family’s career has remained stagnant. Earlier, Meghan Markle’s representative stated that she received a lot of invitations for cooperation and the duchess was considering to choose.

However, in reality, all of the couple’s plans are unfinished, not going anywhere from establishing a new charity, producing a political film or becoming a famous speaker. The couple once claimed to be financially independent after leaving the royal family, so how much did the couple actually earn while living in the US?


Katie Nicholl, a royal reporter, recently released many people who were surprised. According to this reporter, since leaving the royal family to America, the couple has not really made money. They still live on the subsidy of Prince Charles.

However, Nicholl believes that the future of the Sussex family will not be so gloomy when the couple recently signed a partnership with the company Harry Walker that specializes in guest speaker invitations, promising to bring the couple back. This millions of dollars each occurrence.

The royal correspondent also denied that the Sussex family would return to the royal family. According to Nicholl, the Harry and Meghan couple are focusing on the social issues that the world is concerned about such as racial justice, gender equity and mental health.

This information has led many to believe that the Sussex family had a poor start to the Covid-19 pandemic and because their plans were too macro and somewhat unrealistic. While Meghan had experience acting, Harry struggled to find a new direction for himself. The Duke of Sussex has recently appeared actively in videos discussing equality and human rights, being the first steps in becoming an English-speaking speaker.

However, instead of receiving support, Harry was criticized as lackluster, inconclusive to the listener. It’s clear that the couple’s future development is being shaded. The Sussex family is still struggling on the road to financial autonomy.