Based on the novel with the same name, Hannibal is one of the most entertaining thriller-horror TV series, and Mads Mikkelsen received highly praised because of his excellent portraying for the cannibal character.


Mikkelsen perfectly portrayed the charm of Hannibal

One iconic scene of the series’ season 2 was the fight scene that took place as in a classical dance.

If there’s one truth about his character that is never questioned, it’s his immaculate taste and elegance. He is revered for his charm, in spite of his private atrocities.

Mikkelsen’s micro-expressions emphasized Hannibal’s sociopath personality

Mads’ has some micro-expressions, such as a small twitch of the lips, subtly convey what he’s thinking in a way only someone who knows him as intimately as Will Graham would notice.


Mikkelsen modeled himself as evil

Mikkelsen said his character is “as close as you can come to the devil, to Satan.” The Hannibal version of him is free and he has the ultimate control over the character.

Mikkelsen can conceal his evil face

Dr. Lecter received the empathy to gain insight into his prey. In order to manipulate them, or devastate them, he has to figure out what caused them to be afraid of and what their desires are. “You have no traceable motive… which is why you were so hard to see. You were just curious what I would do.”


Toxic relationship between Hannibal and Will

One of the key reasons for Hannibal to gain such captivation is his relationship with Will Graham. Hannibal truly cares for what happens to Will while attempting to run away with him. This is the kind of bonding that is built on a combination of manipulation, curiosity, and intense empathy.


Mikkelsen has the audience’s sympathy

Believe it or not, Hannibal created the kind of love towards the elegance and appreciation for “beautiful music, beautiful wines,” and a good butcher.

It’s crystal clear that he cares for Will even for his betrayal towards Will, and the movement of throwing a knife right into Will’s throat, as an act of punishment and mercy.

The way Hannibal expresses his love may seem to be different than the rest of us, the deep relationship that he dedicated for Will is what most viewers feel familiar with.