After Caitlyn came out as transgender, it really helped Kendall Jenner her sister’s bond to their father became more subtle.


The famous sister didn’t hide their proud feeling when calling her dad as their “hero” five years after she transitioned.

“When my dad came out as transgender, our relationship grew,” Kendall Jenner, 24, told People.

“She could finally be honest with me. We could talk about deep emotions she was feeling through that time. Growing up my dad was not usually one to talk about her feelings so that was a big step for us.”


The top model told the publication she’s been a “daddy’s girl my whole life” and now, “our relationship grows every day.”

“I used to watch old Olympic videos of my dad and wish I could be a part of those spectacular moments with her,” she said.

Kendall Jenner continued: “There are so many stories she tells about her life and I love to just sit there and listen. She has lived so many amazing lives in one lifetime. My favorite thing to learn from my dad is about my dad. Inspiring then and inspiring now.”

According to the model’s perspective, her father’s act was one of the bravest things she has ever made. The day she watched her dad step out publicly five years ago on Vanity Fair cover for the first time gave him more confidence.

“Because of my dad’s bravery, I’ve learned to love what I love and not be ashamed of it,” she told People.

Her youngest sister Kylie, 22, also found inspiration in her dad’s coming out.


Kylie Jenner also agreed with her sister, “She’s our hero.”

Caitlyn revealed that she told her children one by one of her plans to transition over five years ago.

“Honestly, if one of them had had a problem, I wouldn’t have done it,” Caitlyn, 70, told People in this week’s issue.