After Ray Fisher accused the conduct of director Joss Whedon – Justice League, many people came out and supported the actor.


After Ray Fisher accused the conduct of director Joss Whedon, there were many people who came out and supported the actor. And recently, actor Jason Momoa also voiced his support for the star and revealed that he was also treated badly when working on a project. Specifically, Joss Whedon was previously included to complete the Justice League movie after the original director – Zack Snyder had to leave the project due to personal issues.

However, instead of simply completing the original plan for the project, the male director returns to the series of scenes, making controversial changes and ruining Zack Snyder’s amazing story. This was all the more apparent when the movie hit theaters in 2017 and made the audience stand up to demand a version release. After two hard years, all the audience’s efforts became worthwhile when Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League was released on HBO Max the following year.


As mentioned above, after Ray Fisher revealed what he encountered on the Justice League set when Joss Whedon was involved in the project, Jason Momoa also recently voiced his support and request for Warner Bros. take responsibility for accountability. Not stopping there, the actor also shared that he had a terrible experience having to finish the movie after Zack Snyder left: ‘Something serious happened. It needs to be investigated and there are people who need to take responsibilities. ‘

Up to now, Jason Momoa is the only core member of Justice League to speak out for Ray Fisher and although he does not reveal specifically what he has suffered, the actor’s support is still important. in the process of understanding this issue thoroughly. Aquaman’s lead actor has a pretty big name and this means his share will draw more attention and force Warner Bros. must investigate as well as give appropriate answers. Let’s wait for the final results.