Iskra Lawrence has joined the chorus of voices in condemning the killing of George Floyd on Sunday, as she vowed to protect her newborn daughter from racial abuse.

The British model, 29, model took to Instagram to upload a snap of the baby she shares with partner Philip Payne, as she spoke out amid the weekend’s worldwide protests over Floyd’s May 25th death after being restrained by Minneapolis police.

On Friday, ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after a video surfaced of him crushing Floyd’s neck with his knee.


And plus-sized model Iskra threw her support behind the Black Lives Matter campaign as she penned a lengthy caption, highlighting the fact that her biracial baby’s skin colour will impact her life in ways she ”will never be able to understand”.

She wrote: ”This is my beautiful innocent black baby. As your mother I will protect you in anyway I can. But I know that will never be enough. Your skin colour will impact your life in a way I will never be able to understand.

Your father will have to teach you things as a privileged white child I never had to learn. Your friends will need to be allies and speak up for you at times when simply being you could get you hurt or killed.


Iskra continued: ”Now it’s on all of us to educate ourselves. I’ve asked far too many questions to my black loved ones when they are already exhausted and grieving for their community.

It’s not on them to educate us privileged folk. We need to do our own research into the deep rooted history of racism.


Ask ourselves questions like why we are shown the graphic videos of black people being murdered on the news yet you’ll never see a video of a white person being murdered?

There are many ways in which systematic oppression is used everyday, especially to continue to spread fear and separation between races. Who is going to read up with me?