“Mistaken” Hoi An, Vietnam is a province of China is not the first mistake of Netflix.

Despite being named the world’s largest online movie flatform, Netflix has repeatedly released controversial content, even insulting the nation’s culture and sovereignty. Just in the last half year, Netflix has been “caught” by many international netizens outrage.

Jesus is gay

The comedy “The First Temptation of Christ” has been boycotted by millions of Brazilians – primarily Christian – after airing on Netflix at Christmas 2019. The First Temptation of Christ is about Jesus, who turned 30 and brought an unexpected guest to see his family.


The film is said to be blasphemy when building God with special feelings for a gay man. More seriously, the headquarters of Porta dos Fundos – the film’s production location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was bombed with gasoline, causing a major fire. In the end, the film was banned from circulating in this country.


Compare the taste of sperm with Korean kimchi

At the beginning of 2020, part 2 of the popular teen movie “Sex Education” was controversial in Korea because the saying compared the taste of kimchi in a sensitive way. In a short episode of episode 1, a character shared with male lead Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield): “My c** tastes like kimchi” (roughly translated: “My sperm tastes like kimchi”).


 “National spirit” food was offended, Koreans of course not happy at all. Although the video has been re-edited in the Korean market, netizens still “stoned” Netflix fiercely.


“Mistaken” Hoi An is the province of China

At the end of May, Vietnamese netizens were outraged when in the drama Madam Secretary was being shown on Netflix, there was a context that was completely wrong. The image of Hoi An Ancient Town is given to the place of Phu Lang Province, China. It seems that in the eyes of Western filmmakers, every place with Asian architecture and red lanterns is the Chinatown.


A representative of Netflix Vietnam said that, the movie was produced by CBS, Netflix was the only unit that bought the broadcast rights. Moreover, this film is fictional and not a documentary.


Indeed movies are just fiction. But before the film’s release, the producer and the publisher should carefully consider whether any of the elements in the movie can be confusing or controversial. Because of this incident, Netflix has a stain on Vietnamese netizens. Especially when even the leaders of Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province also speak, that this is an act of infringing upon the sovereignty of the nation.