Holly Willoughby shared the secrets as to how she has maintained her peroxide blonde locks on Instagram on Friday. The This Morning presenter, 39, talked to Vogue’s beauty and lifestyle director Jessica Diner and revealed her biggest hair mishap was when she accidentally dyed it red.

Holly said: “I went red by accident when I was much much younger and you want to experiment with your hair.


So I came back home and was like “Oh I’d better just put this dark hair dye over the top. And obviously, I’m not a colourist but that was disaster, It didn’t go brown, it went red and not a nice red. I had to stay like that until the colour grew out.

Holly, who is a brand ambassador for Garnier, went on to show how she dyes her hair at home. The television host squeezed the bottle of dye through her parting before carefully covering her roots.


Holly joked: “I mean I look fit right now, but I’m going to be a beautiful blonde by the end of this.” “I look like, have you ever seen a cat when it falls in the bath and it looks like it’s got a really tiny head?

During the chat, Holly also talked about her skincare routine. “I’m not brilliant at stuff like that [facials] I don’t have tonnes of time,’ she said. ‘I’m more likely to stick that [an eye mask] on my face then go downstairs and cook dinner. I’m going to be 40 next year so me looking after my skin is really important.


Last month, Holly was among the first of the stars to touch-up her brown roots. Holly revealed she has always dyed her own hair and her glossy blonde tresses are the result of a box dye during an Instagram tutorial.

The TV presenter took to the social media app to post a step-by-step tutorial of how she manages to keep her hair platinum blond during lockdown. Holly anticipated people would question how she managed to get her locks dyed during lockdown, while all hairdressers have been forced to shut down.