The fall semester has started means the students also have to head back for their lessons. To make sure his son’s school path is at the safest, Harrison Ford has used his own plane to take the boy to school.


According to People, the 78-year-old actor flew his own plane to bring Calista Flockhart’s wife and adopted son Liam (19-year-old) to college in Massachusetts last week. The photographic hunter captured the moment when two people parted with their son at the school gate.


Mrs. Calista Flockhart hugged Liam before her son carried the luggage into the dormitory. Before that, the actor landed at an airport near his school.

The actor has a pilot license and loves to fly planes. However, he has had several accidents in the past. In April, the actor heard the wrong signal from the ground staff, landing without permission at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles.

He landed in front of another plane for a few dozen seconds. The two planes are only about a kilometer apart.


In 2017, Ford made a wrong landing in the taxi lane instead of the flight route. Two years earlier, he crashed down a golf course in Santa Monica but caused no loss of life. In 2000, his six-man plane crashed in a dangerous area in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Harrison Ford was born in 1942, known through the movies Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, or Air Force One … The total revenue of his works at the box office reached over $ 5.1 billion. Over the years, he and his wife lived on a farm in Wyoming.