These following animations are meticulously invested by Disney to give the audience a real-like experience they couldn’t forget. Visual effects are an indispensable factor in the huge success of Disney movies in comparison with other company’s products.

Nothing would change if animation company didn’t do this (in fact, they could save quite a much amount of money instead), but they still decide to make viewers extremely satisfied when concentrating on these details.



This Disney hit gained more than 643 million dollars worldwide. The audience not only had the opportunity to enjoy the magical adventure of Moana but also had the opportunity to “delight” with Disney’s “top” skill, expressing the emotions of the characters exceptionally honestly and integrating the limbs blended with other exciting details.




Besides the realistic character’s fur graphics, even the smallest details are also incorporated into Disney’s attention. It is these details that make the viewer feel like they are genuinely lost in the city of animals.




Not only the princess’s long, smooth hair or sparkling lanterns in the sky, Disney’s “top” technique is also showed up in the reflection of Rapunzel in Flynn’s eyes. Everything is done in a very successful way, making the movie incredibly alive.




Frozen tells the story about the famous ice queen is also well-invested. From the eyes, the character expressions to each stitching of the outfit, all appeared on the screen very vividly. It can be said that the filmmakers have really blown the soul into animated characters.


What a mindful filmmaker, right? Even tiny details are done with great care. The careful investment in production with a mindset of focusing even on the smallest detail of Disney must be a solid explanation for the worldwide popularity and high reputation through many years as one of the most successful movie production in history.