Since the time of release, The Umbrella Academy has been a booming series on Netflix with an interesting story along with unpredictable plots and of course, the perfect choices of casting for every member of the academy.

The series were adapted from the comic books written by Gerard Way of rock band My Chemical Romance, based on his own experience with the band while they were on the brink of breaking up.


The show was not always going to be on Netflix

The Umbrella Academy actually supposed to be a movie released by Universal Studios, but it never went anywhere after being mentioned. Thanks to that, the series has become a success on the streaming platform.


Aiden Gallagher was not Number Five at first

Actually, he was the last to audition for the role and didn’t think he was going to get it. As a fan of the comic books, he admitted to study it closely to make sure he could portray the right vibe of the powerful Five in the gang.

Also, because he’s a minor, Aiden isn’t allowed to be on set during scenes that involved guns, so a stunt double would take his place instead.


Vanya could play violin, but not Ellen Page

The actress actually couldn’t be able to play violin, not mention about the skillful ability of Vanya Hargreeves. So she had a violin double for her role – a teenage prodigy named Imogen.


Tom Hopper did try to be fit as Luther

During the set, Tom Hopper had to wear a muscle suit to brought the right image of the Spaceboy with super strength and the ape’s gene in his body. Prior to knowing he would be wearing a suit, Tom bulked up as much as he could for filming.


No smartphone on the series

Despite the show seemingly take place in the present day, it notably does not include any scene with a smartphone or even cellphone appear. This was an intentional move by the showrunner to help create a world similar to our own, but with subtle differences.