Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released and still, after all this time, even more behind-the-scenes information is being revealed about the first Star Wars spinoff movie.


In the latest installment of IGN’s Watch From Home Theater series, Rogue One screenwriters Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz came on to discuss their Star Wars feature. While the pair have been candid in the past about changes they made, including the alternate ending they once envisioned, it seems like the duo were holding out on us.

Why? Because they had even more new insights into the evolution of Rogue One to share with IGN. The first big reveal from Whitta and Weitz is the alternate title they toyed with at one point (via Comicbook), sharing, “Rogue One was a good choice eventually, but one of them was Dark Times,” and Shadow of the Death Star.


As reported by The Playlist, Whitta also teased that he wrote an opening crawl for Rogue One, as is tradition with official Skywalker saga films, sharing, “You’ll never see it but I did. I wrote more than one. Back when we were still experimenting with the idea of maybe doing one,” and going on to explain why the crawl was sacrificed: “But one of the things that we arrived at fairly early on in the process is that it was OK to liberate ourselves from the traditional storytelling language of Star Wars.