A romantic but painful, bittersweet love story called Endless will visit the August screen. Are you ready with your loved one to come to the cinema?


From producer of A Star Is Born, Endless has the color of a pure romantic movie but contains many meaningful human messages. At first glance, it is easy to misunderstand that this is simply a Western love story, but the things that the movie title brings will make you really surprised.


The film opens with loving and sweet scenes of the couple Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton). They are immersed in their first love with all the fervor of their twenties, at the same time spreading a strong energy of happiness, rekindling emotions in the audience. A beautiful love story is at peace when an unexpected event strikes. Chris died in a traffic accident, and Riley, although lucky to survive, was always tormented by his departure. Touching the extreme of suffering, but somehow Riley still felt Chris’s presence around her. In the end, Riley decided to threaten her life – find a way to connect with Chris’s soul to raise hope of bringing him back. At this time, the young girl faced a difficult choice of her life: either accept the departure of Chris to live the rest of her life, or give her life to live forever with the beautiful past of both.


Endless has brought a romantic and sweet love song to the screen in August, but at the same time also rekindled the extreme tension in the audience. With all of its gentleness, the film seems to soothe and cherish the emotions of viewers, bringing them to happiness and then suddenly inflicting a fatal blow on people who are still lightheaded with their happiness. In general, the film script is built with knotty situations – opening buttons is relatively gentle, focusing on exploiting the depth of psychology of the characters, especially the heroine Riley. The film’s tempo is slow, evenly distributed throughout the story, thereby promoting the climactic situation of the film effectively and convincingly. Besides, “chemistry” between two young, talented actors is also one of the most prominent strengths, helping to convey the spirit of the film closer to the audience.


It can be said that the content of Endless is not new, the movie motif is quite familiar to movie lovers and fanatics. But the film became special because of the message it delivered to the public. If one day fell into Riley’s case, what would you do? Will you try to forget to continue living your part of your life or pause in the painful present? This is really difficult to say. When we see someone as a lifetime, like Riley to Chris, the day we lose them we seem to lose everything, even lose ourselves.


Someone once said, when you love someone, in fact, it is not you who love them, but you love your life through that person. If you pay close attention, at the beginning of the movie, the character Riley has a seemingly normal but very special line, the idea is that she loves Chris because she can be herself. Understand the meaning of this line, you will realize why Riley gave everything just to be with Chris. Even in everyday life, for those closest to her, the young girl still has to live with her non-self dream and only with him can she realize the beauty of this life.


Many people will think that the end of Endless will bring many regrets. If you think it’s a sad ending, then see how you define a happy ending. See and experience, please respect the person besides you.