If Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins truly represents the current generation, then the world is over!

The year-end drama bustles with the appearance of Emily In Paris – a newly released film starring the beautiful Lily Collins. Tells about a beautiful young woman working in the magnificent city of Paris, the movie solves very “out-of-date” problems picked up from the emotional comedy of the last century.

If audiences expect to see a wonderful and trendy blend between The Devil Wears Prada and Sex And The City, it will probably be disappointed. Emily’s character of this movie is the stark contrast to the hardworking Andrea Sachs of The Devil Wears Prada, and also a long slide when comparing the romance with Carrie in Sex And The City. In short, Emily In Paris offers a vain, “not doing any thing but having everything” perspective of the 59-year-old producer for a young audience.

The Meaning of Emily In Paris?


Emily In Paris painted an entire empire where Emily owned, and this girl did not have to try, sharpen herself during the 10 episodes. Just like King Midas, where this woman touches her hand, it turns gold, success in her simple and compact reach.

Emily does not have to follow her bosses, colleagues to become better at work (which she herself says is inexperienced). Instead, this girl is always spilling 10/10 marketing ideas that will normally eat up a team of screenwriters to think for her.

Although everyone in the movie said that when working in France, they must speak French, but surprisingly, more than 90% of the film time, everyone speaks English for Emily to understand. The problem of “language barrier” seems to appear only in the first episode, from then on, anyone who wants to talk to Emily naturally speaks English fluently. During the 10 episodes, this female lead can only “poke” out 1 or 2 French words added to her words.

So see, the nature of Emily In Paris is different from other films. The main character does not become curious and discover the magic in the new city. Instead, the city has to bend itself to serve Emily, making things easy and without leaving a deep impression. Paris in the film suddenly becomes an empty, blurred city and has no influence on the main character.

The script is a myth to an unusual level


As mentioned above, Emily was “buffed” by the script for a superpower even stronger than the Avengers team: luck. She easily gets what she wants without having to be too miserable or trade anything. This inadvertently highlights the dream of “not doing anything but asking for everything” and the lazy desire of many people.

Looking at the real-world case, what would happen to you if someone offered you a job in a city far away with a different culture? First, you will have to learn about the workplace, then you will consider, talk to family, friends … At the same time, sign up for a few language courses to at least have to babble with the speaker. Not to mention the legal documents of the company can take a month (or more) to complete before you can go on business to another country.

This character moved from Chicago to Paris faster than people go to the market.. However, the neighbor Gabriel (had a girlfriend) was tired of Emily because she still did not know how to count correctly, and the boss Sylvie was still mad because Emily always gave inappropriate opinions.

Instead of having to learn the culture as well as the French, Emily immediately asked this high-end consumer goods market worth tens of billions of dollars to obey her. Although she always said that she was very hard-working, viewers did not see Emily going to learn French or even grasping the company’s meeting schedule. Emily’s contributions to customer campaigns are like every marketing company’s nightmare because other than “doing something on Instagram” she has no idea.

If all this happened in real life, Emily would probably have been fired long ago. It’s hard to believe that a person who posted a picture of the cake with the caption “butter + chocolate = <3” has attracted thousands of fans.

At the same time, the people around Emily still had to work real hard. For example, her best friend Mindy: can speak at least 3 languages, possesses a golden voice, but by the end of the film, she still struggles with the dream of going to sing at a bar that is even worse.

Emily In Paris does not represent young people!


Emily’s biggest mistake In Paris is that the film refers to a subjective view of the current generation of young people. This may be because producer Darren Star (59) is trying to look at the face of the Millennials, Gen Z now and let his own judgment. In fact, the young generation today is hardly like Emily. Even the hot Instagramers (the hot names on Instagram) – one of the main topics of the movie – they all have to work hard to plan content, produce photos and work regularly to help their branding get better. Other young people with open careers, working in one country or another, all undergo a long time of effort, forging and becoming exceptionally outstanding to reach success.

After 10 episodes, Emily doesn’t become stronger or more charismatic. She remains the same: beautiful, lucky in love and career, posting pictures with a lack of salt caption. Emily’s life is not a dream, a desire of young people now. Nobody wants to live forever in a world so perfect, and the dreamy but challenging city of Paris has now turned into a bland and ridiculous amusement park.