Many audiences and critics in France simultaneously said that Emily in Paris series is bringing false images of their national culture.

As the most outstanding work of Netflix at the moment, Emily In Paris – a romantic comedy series starring Lily Collins is not only criticized for its irrational content, false ideas, but also receives many complaints from French audience for cultural issues. Specifically, on the Guardian page, which has published an article about the people as well as experts, cultural critics in France have said that the creators of this work do not understand the culture of Paris and exaggerate the characteristics of this city up to make jokes.


The 20 Minutes commented: “Berets, croissants, sandwiches, hot-tempered waiters and receptionists, bluffers … You can tell more prejudices about people and France, they are all outstandingly shown in Emily In Paris “. Premier critic Charles Martin shared the view, saying that the film depicts the French “mean, lazy and has no loyalty”. Indeed, in Emily’s world In Paris, the heroine is the owner, and this girl does not have to try anything during the 10 episodes but lazy and lucky. So, Emily has times to mess with her best friend’s lover, making the images in the movie even more ugly.

Women’s news site MadmoiZelle criticized: “The film has a limited view of the Parisians as snobs wearing Birkin bags, smoking right after leaving the gym. The first three episodes are enough for the audience. Unfortunately, the team stretched all that through 10 episodes of season one “.


Radio station RTL was also dissatisfied with the work and said: “Parisians find it difficult to find common ground in Emily in Paris. We have not seen a movie containing so many prejudices about France since Gossip Girl or The Devil Wears Prada “. Critics of Sens Critique advise the audience to consider carefully before watching. “You have to tell yourself the movie is purely a product of your imagination, where Parisians speak perfect English, spend all day making love and only come to work when you feel inspired.” And indeed, Emily in the film does not need to learn to speak French, the people of Paris who meet her automatically switch to speak English and she is the navel of the universe, without hard work but still respected and happy. Paris suddenly became empty, blurred and did not affect Emily.

Emily In Paris aired all episodes from October 2, 2020.